WIWU Camou Travel Pouch

This portable organizer bag is the right bag for those of you who like to travel but don't want all your gadget accessories to fall apart in your backpack/suitcase.
  • High quality waterproof fabric, splash-proof and wear-resistant
  • Exquisite stitches show tidy appearance and durability
  • Zipper design for convenient use
  • Large capacity, multiple compartments for better storage
Product Code: HBC012
Brand: WIWU
Availability: Out of Stock
Rs. 3,000

·      This travel bag is a must for anyone traveling. You can store all your important documents and devices, such as your passport and telephone

·      In this bag. The bag consists of 2 compartments, so that you can separate and organize all your things properly. In addition, you can organize the bag yourself by changing the compartments in the compartments.

·      This allows you to always have good access to everything and everything is packed well and conveniently Besides the fact that you have all your important things neatly and conveniently arranged, this travel bag also provides extra protection.

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