Pgytech Osmo Action Lens hood

Protect your videos from excess sunlight. Made with soft comfortable and reliable material.
  • Easy to Use
  • Protects from extra sunlight
  • Wide video - Doesn't mess up your video
  • Soft Material - Doesn't scratch your device.
Product Code: Osmo Action Lens Hood
Brand: Pgytech
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Rs. 2,000
PGYTECH OSMO Action Lens Hood effectively protects the lens from stray sunlight without blocking the field of view. Features soft rubber that ensures a comfortable feel for hands. Processed with a matte surface treatment, the black materials greatly help reduce reflection into the lens. Soft materials make attachment easier and damage-free.

  • Effectively protects the lens from stray sunlight                 
  • Comfortable Feel                  
  • Light Absorption                  
  • Easy Attachment
  • Main material: Silica gel-100%  
  • Packing size: 100mm×80mm×30mm 
  • Product size: 41.5mm×37mm×17.5mm
  • Weight (Net Weight): 2.7g
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