Eco Tone Premium Glossy Photo Paper

High glossy photo paper Size A4/260g. 50 sheets in a packet Dye & Pigment ink supported Absolutely flat and smooth. Economic inkjet media. Creating Vibrant images on paper.100 % 260gCard
  • High glossy photo paper | Dye & Pigment ink supported
  • Size A4/260g. 50 sheets in a pocket | Creating Vibrant images on paper
  • High-resolution color printing
  • 100 % 260g Card
Product Code: 260GSM
Brand: Eco Tone
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Rs. 3,000


The ECOTONE GLOSSY 4R 260G Photo Paper is one of the best in the industry. ECOTONE has promised to provide the customers with the latest and innovative printing products and solutions. With this paper, you will be able to adopt imported base paper.

This allows for stable quality and vivid and sharp images. The imported paper is known to be stiffer, brighter, whiter, and smoother than other papers. Even with these qualities, you will not have to experience any paper jams while printing. All of these features lead to the paper being high in flatness. The ECOTONE GLOSSY 4R 260G Photo Paper is also completely waterproof.

The chemical coating and polymer infiltration on the surface can make it absorb water well, making it more protective. Moreover, the porous nature of the base paper allows it to absorb ink rather quickly. This also enhances the drying speed making the print to be instantly dried. With this, the ECOTONE GLOSSY 4R 260 G photo paper has a very strong absorbency.


  • This is an imported base paper with amazing quality.
  • Any print printed on this paper has vivid and sharp colors.
  • The paper is completely waterproof. Now, you will not have to worry about any spills ruining your document.
  • It also has high absorbency quality. This makes it an instant dry-to-touch paper.
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