Mitsubishi Glossy Photo paper - 20 Sheets

Fast Dry, Vivid Colour, Best for Photo Printing.
  • A4 Sheets - 20 Qty
  • 245gm Paper Thickness
  • Glossy Thick Paper
  • 100% Original Mitsubishi Product
Product Code: MC5NA420
Brand: Mitsubishi
Availability: In Stock
Rs. 2,000
  • New glossy coating technology for vivid colour printing
  • Suitable for printing of digital photo images, computer graphics and computer-aided designs with high resolution
  • High glossiness, whiteness, and stage reproducibility enhance the printing quality
  • Ink absorbing technology provides quick drying ability
  • “The New Water Resistant Coating” prevents smudging from water drop
  • Suitable for dye-based ink printers
  • 245gsm A4 size x 20 sheets
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