Gaming Mouse Pad Long Stretch

A professional gaming computer mouse pad
  • Premium fine Mesh Cloth - Accurate Movement
  • Anti Slip Rubber base
  • 70 x 30 cm wide mouse pad
  • Large Surface area to to cover keyboard & Mouse
Product Code: HV MP860
Brand: Havit
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Price Updated On: 27 Apr, 2021
Rs. 900
Shipping & Delivery
Shipping Cost: Rs. 200/Unit
Type: Mouse Pad
Physical: 70cm x 30cm x 0.3cm
  • Premium fine mesh cloth surface, allowing your mouse to move smoothly and accurately
  • Anti-Slip rubber base effectively keeps the mouse from slipping
  • Edge covering design makes it reliable to longer and rougher use
  • With a size of 700mm x 300mm x 3mm. It has larger usable area to cover keyboard, Mouse and stuff on the desktop during Gaming. 
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