DJI Mavic 2 propeller Guards (1 Set)

Protect your drone from objects and protects people from drone propellers. Flexible material, hard to break. Ideal for safe flight
  • Flexible material
  • Fast Assembly
  • Light weight
  • Doesn't affect drone balance
Product Code: Mavic 2 Propeller Guards
Brand: DJI
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Price Updated On: 02 Sep, 2019
Rs. 6,500
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Protects people and objects from spinning propellers, improving flight safety.
Ingenious design for quick assembly and disassembly.
Improves flight safety
Quick assembly and disassembly
In the Box
Propeller Guard (set) × 1
Weight (set): 78 g
Radius: 137 mm
Max Outline Dimension after Mounting: 552 × 485 × 84 mm
Mavic 2 Series

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